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Sehun’s message to Luhan @ luhan’s birthday 

Chanyeol: Selu! Selu! Selu!

Sehun: Luhan…uh Luhan hyung..

Luhan: Hm?

Sehun: You look like me, don’t you think?

*sehun hugs luhan* -fans reaction-

Sehun: Ne, Luhan hyung happy birthday, I will continue being a good brother….ehmmm saranghaeyo (I love you)

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Class Prez: Suho and Kris.
Class Prez: Suho and Kris.

When Fanboy Chanyeol hugs Donghae (◕‿◕✿) 

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that stare and then eyecontact ♥‿♥

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