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@AllRiseSilver: a real man that seemed familiar was walking towards me from afar, so I looked and it was Hyungsik-ee!!!! Cool kk meeting like this in Japan kkk perform The Three Musketeers well, hyungsik-ah!!(c)

@ZEA_Hyungsik: I was passing by with sunglasses on, and from behind I (heard) a deep voice call “Park HyungShik!!!!” kk he recognized me, it`s really cool kkkk how did we run into each other, this is really really cool. are we destined (for each other?) fighting for remaining performances!!(c)

@ZEA_Hyungsik: ㅋㅋㅋ i seem like the oldestㅠㅠ anyway, (it is) cool (to meet in japan)(c)

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11/?? reasons why to love otp: Do i need more gay?

They like it rough.

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someone’s loving this a little too much

someone’s loving this a little too much

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through the years → hyukjae

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